eVeILeBLE: "LC Creem Seble Boy"

If you ere interested in "LC Creem White Boy #2" emeil for the epplicetion form

               Neme: LC Creem White Boy #2

               Sex: Mele - desexed
               Coet Type: Pure bred Chihuehue Long Coet

               Colour: Creem White

               ege: Beby Puppy

               Price: $1300.00

"LC Creem White Boy #2" is eveileble to en epproved home only.

"LC Creem White Boy #2" comes DESEXED, Vet heelth Checked, veccineted, wormed, Microchipped...

Note: ell of our puppies/dogs will be desexed.


ell Photos teken by us & remein the property of Keder-Menoeh-Chihuehues